I am just starting out as an independent contractor. How can Werkules® help me grow my business?

You can start, grow and maintain your business efficiently with Werkules®. With this timesaving tool, you get real-time access to job opportunities even when you’re on the go. This app helps you stay organized and in the spotlight with its built-in communication and marketing tools. Can’t do the job? Then earn money from a referral. Best of all, there’s no start-up cost to join.

Will I keep receiving emails and texts for months after I use the App and find who and what I need?

No. Werkules® allows you to create a post and compare any offers received. Once you select who you want to work with your post disappears. You won’t be bothered by messages long after the job is done. Werkules makes the task of finding local professionals easy and efficient. Guided instructions make the posting process simple, and built-in safeguards protect your privacy.

Can I use the App both as a business owner and personally to find specific service providers?

Yes. Werkules® easily lets you switch from the Provider screen to Customer mode. Not only does this app help businesses find new customers, it also lets you find someone for specific work that you want done.

I own a lawn care business. Does Werkules® allow customers to pay me with a credit card?

Yes. The wallet feature in Werkules® allows customers to send payment with a credit card.